These days renting out your property is a very big concern and a more concern for those who live away from their property like Non-Resident Indians. So at CPC we provide total assistance in renting out your property which includes Rent Assistance, Tenant Management, Regular Inspections of your property etc. We have built-in layers of verification and reference checks for prospective tenants to ensure that you get great tenants. CPC offers you assured rent at market value of your property. Our agreement terms are drafted keeping your convenience a priority. We also guarantee on time rent payment of your property. Some of the main features of our assistance are:

  • Finding suitable tenant.
  • Police verification of tenant.
  • Preparing a rent agreement.
  • Collection of rent timely.
  • Taking due care of your property.
  • Periodical inspections of your property.
  • Assisting in Inventory Check while giving/taking possession.
  • Assistance in Payment of Bills
  • Maintenance if required.

Here at CPC, we take care of your properties in your absence. Our rental service is of great for Non-Resident Indians and for people who stay away from their property and need their property to be rented out. How will you get your property rented? You will just contact us or call us and provide details about your property and the rest will be done by us as under.

  • We will inspect your property.
  • We will evaluate your property for the rental income.
  • We will advertise your property.
  • We will represent on behalf of you.
  • We will show the property to potential tenants.
  • We will check the background of potential tenant.
  • We will make a proper police verification of the tenant.
  • We will negotiate on your behalf to get the best deal possible.
  • We will finalize the lease agreement which will be drafted to your convenience.
  • We will make collection of rent timely.
  • We will assist in Inventory Check while giving/taking possession.
  • We will assure that all the payments of bills are made by the tenant on time.
  • We will carry out regular and periodic inspections of your property.
  • We will do maintenance of the property, if required.

Our team is vastly experienced and has full expertise in solving your problems. Our team is dedicated to provide a stress free property management to our customers. You just need to contact us or call us and the rest will be done by us.